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    The transition period from one version of iOS to another can be a long and frustrating time for developers, themes and generally all users of a jailbroken device. Since the basic iOS files only take up 1.5 - 2 GB of memory, it is definitely possible for you to fit two versions of ios onto one device.

    A dual boot would enable themers to work on a theme for the new iOS and ensure it works without losing the functionality of all their current tweaks and themes because they could easily boot back to old version when they had finished theming for the day. And this would be before the new version was even jailbroken.

    Post jailbreak of the new version, developers would be able to make tweaks and apps which are compatible with the new ios without losing their tweaks and themes which had not yet upgraded, and regular users would easily be able to check the compatibility of their favourite things without the risk of losing them by straight upgrading.

    This would disable the need for anybody to ever downgrade their device.

    I know this is hugely ambitious and probably impossible, but I imagine it would work by (in current terms) having ios 6 as a sandboxed file on a jailbroken device running iOS 5.1.1 and ensuring their was an option to choose which to use before the lockscreen loaded on boot.

    I know I've been posting a few ideas in here which could well be impossible, but I thought I should put them out there to see if I can inspire any curious developers

    What does everyone think? Is this something you would like? And developers, what is the likelihood that anything like this will ever be made?
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    2012-06-15 12:07 AM
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    I can actually see 2 different ways to accomplish this:

    1. Get OpeniBoot updated for current devices (impossible at the movement for iPad2,3 and 4S since they don't have a bootrom exploit) and use that to "choose" which system to boot

    2. Partition the iDevice disk to have 3 parts, Media, iOS x and iOS y. Install x then swap partition names and install y. and just switch between the two.

    Though these are just theories and not well thought out theories neither. but maybe it'll get the discussion rolling

    a bit more effort, lookie what i found
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    Get the latest info for NoAccSplash Here
    Currently it should work on iOS 4.x - 6.x
    If you'd like to help extend its functionality, the source is also available.
    2012-06-15 04:17 AM
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    That's cool to be honest, I hadn't even looked around for this because I assumed that if it had been done then it would be a huge thing on cydia! So we just need to wait for a bootrom exploit on all the latest devices and them find a way to swap the droid files to the files for the new version of iOS and it should work?

    That seems doable (although definitely not by me!) if a working exploit comes out, don't you think?
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    2012-06-15 01:41 PM
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    You could always ask an iPhone Dev Team member about this, they'd know more.
    2012-06-15 11:26 PM
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    Good plan, do you know who would be best to talk to?
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    2012-06-16 11:29 PM
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    saurik and brittag (one of saurik's helpers) have accounts on here. Just search their name and PM one of them. I'm pretty sure it might not work though since iOS is not open sourced.
    2012-06-17 12:45 AM
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    Thank you, I'll do that. If I find out any more about it I'll post back
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    2012-06-17 01:05 AM
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    Good luck
    2012-06-17 01:53 AM
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    This is theoretically possible on devices that can run OpeniBoot, but it would be very difficult to make it happen. A lot of developers already have test devices they use for this purpose, so there probably wouldn't be much motivation for this.
    2012-06-20 09:47 PM
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    I actually forgot to mention this earlier: If you guys have heard of the android port project, (I can't remember the name) it actually is possible in a way. It's just hard to do. They have actually gotten older devices to run some set of android on them. I'm almost the positive the project is dead though, I haven't heard anything about it in sometime. But it can be possible, just not with current devices at the time. It also takes a lot of motivation and time for that stuff.
    2012-06-20 10:01 PM
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    Thanks for all the feedback, I guess it's not likely to happen , but I thought I'd put it out there just in case. I'm not sure what's going on with the iDroid project, if you look here https://github.com/iDroid-Project/openiBoot one of the files was updated two months ago, while the rest haven't been touched in the last 4 months. But that still seems to imply there might be (or was at least) some work towards iOS 5. I guess if developers don't need this then the market would be even more limited anyway. But thanks for the interest, 'll keep an eye on the iDroid project anyway, just in case there is any progress

    Also, I've just emailed the dev about the iDroid project to see if it's still being worked on. If it is updated to work on the current iOS, how difficult would it be to swap the android software with a different iOS version?
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    2012-06-21 11:21 AM
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    That would honestly depend. That stuff is very complicated thanks to Apple. Please tell us what the dev says, I'm interested to know
    2012-06-21 01:04 PM
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    any update on this? jailbroke 6.1.2 running a sandboxed 7.0 beta.. no need for iboot? just ttrying to keep idea alive.
    2013-06-12 09:15 PM
  14. H4CK3R's Avatar
    any update on this? jailbroke 6.1.2 running a sandboxed 7.0 beta.. no need for iboot? just ttrying to keep idea alive.
    Nope. No progress.

    If you're curious about the iDroid project, take a look at this blog post.
    2013-06-12 09:49 PM