1. Sugarcaner's Avatar
    Wouldn't it be nice if we could just drop a file through iFunbox/SSH or other (integrated) method, hit a little 'update iPod' button, forget the rest and touch away at our music collection? I think that's called iTunes right? Which I won't mention anymore here.

    Can anyone recommend a well integrated media/music manager for the iphone? Perhaps this is a seperate issue, but something that has a player which can drop markers and make notes would be really useful for me as I listen to a lot of sets and find myself wanting to write things as I'm listening which, using iFile, doesn't seem simple, or even possible. I've used some pretty great recording apps which feature similar things, even allowing a photo to me attached to recordings, but not come across something like this for a music library. I'm jailbroken, fine using SSH, looking to use linux more for iphone/ipod management, and hoping for a musical cloud that will follow me. Maybe I hope for too much.
    2012-06-25 02:20 AM
  2. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Vericorder on the App store have 1st Video and VC Audio Pro both of which alow you to type a script while listening to your audio/video. The result is saved as a project file.
    2012-06-25 04:07 PM