1. manc2012's Avatar
    I was thinking this should be easy to do for someone with better knowlage than myself. Something like a mixture of SMusic & Mewseek...

    SMusic can play songs that you point it to in the filesystem, make playlists and has an equalizer, and Mewseek, as we all know can detect and edit the ID tags of songs, as well as play them.

    So I was thinking an app where you can just drag songs into a folder in the filesystem, then browse them by artist/album, make playlists, apply an equalizer, maybe also edit song ID tags etc would be a real hit with a lot of people as it would make things as easy as, well, having an mp3 player

    I know there's PWNTunes and Mewseek that enable you to add music to the iPod.app but an app like ^this^ would be so much more straightforward and popular IMO
    2012-11-22 04:48 AM