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    Hi, first off I'd like to thank everyone on this site for developing these apps, and I hope to see stuff like this continue after the App Store is released. On to the point:

    My girlfriend recently bought an ipod touch, and we were sitting at the movie theatre waiting for a show to start. Sure enough, I whip out the phone and start browsing engadget, just to see what was up. She just got the touch, so she gets excited and pulls hers out little to find that there was no WiFi access point that she could pull reception off of. I would like to be able to share my internet connection with her, even if it is just edge. This could be useful in multiple ways, in things such as tethering and whatnot. I realize that you could do the whole tethering thing the backwards way, but why not do it the proper way and have someone program something like DD-WRT into the phone and make it run that way? Just an idea. Anyway I've also got a question:

    When I log into my router at home, I'm able to read every device's name except my iphone's. I remember months ago being able to read the name of my iphone, but haven't been able to for a couple months now. I was just wondering how I could change this back, and if it was safe to just go in through ifconfig and change it that way. Best regards, thanks again.

    Scott Miller
    2008-03-23 10:28 AM