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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone in interested in making yet another Data management app?

    Why would we wanna make ANOTHER data management app you might ask? It'll be completely unique.

    Well I had the idea that at a certain limit, that you set (EX: 500MB, 5GB, 10,000MB) your data automatically turns off (With a little warning to let you know). And the usual alerts like "You've used 90% (1,000MB) of your data!" or something like that. Also, limit what apps can use your data, for example, you only wanna allow you weather app to use data, but not your favorite game.

    Mostly that's it. I haven't stumbled across apps that have done something like that so I'd find it cool if could be made.

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    2013-03-29 02:49 AM
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    by data you mean storage space right? And you want to restrict the amount of space certain applications take up? If that is the case then thats what iTunes does with the coloured bar at the bottom! Or on the device settings>General>Usage>Storage
    2013-04-13 01:33 PM