1. early_m's Avatar
    I connect my PC to my iPhone personal hotspot via WiFi and it's bothered me for a while now that when the hotspot is activated you are only given 2 options - via USB or WiFi & Bluetooth. Every time I have to go back into my Auxo toggles and disable Bluetooth as I don't want it on and it uses battery.

    I've searched around and can't seem to find a tweak that allows for more options. Any developers out there who think they could write a tweak to add 2 more options to the list so it appears as follows:

    WiFi & Bluetooth

    For me that's all I'd need, however the tweak could be taken further so the user can customise the list to show personalised combinations. Or a default option could be set so that the menu doesn't even appear. I always only ever connect via WiFi so by setting this as a default option in a settings menu I'd bypass the options menu altogether making the whole processes a bit quicker.

    I look forward to hearing some input and opinions from developers.

    2013-07-18 01:20 PM
  2. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, your iPhone's Bluetooth receiver uses very little power compared to wifi. You could get a Bluetooth dongle for your PC, turn off iPhone wifi and tether over bluetooth to save even more battery. Anyway, Activator now has multiple actions, so you can set a single action to turn on tethering and turn Bluetooth off. Car mode is another alternative where you can open/close two apps and turn on/off wifi, Bluetooth or Location.
    2013-07-19 12:58 AM
  3. early_m's Avatar
    thanks DC-Dave, I use activator but I've never looked through all the settings to see what it can actually do. now a double tap of the lock screen clock enables hotspot with wifi which is so much quicker. cheers
    2013-07-19 11:26 AM
  4. stanletmontena's Avatar
    I too will suggest you to go with bluetooth to save more battery.
    2013-07-25 02:04 PM