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    Has anyone made an add-in yet that will give you Podcast controls in the regular Music app?

    x1.5, x2 speed listening and jump forward back 15

    I import several talk show mp3 files into iTunes that have the "Media Type" tag set to Music instead of Podcast. The Genre is set to Podcast, but if the Media Type isn't set to Podcast, it will show up under your Music app instead of Podcast. (meaning NO PODCAST speed listening) :-(

    Is there an automatic way can we get these mp3's to show up as a Podcast in iTunes/iOS?

    For Example


    Drag and drop "as is" into iTunes...........

    It will show up in iTunes and iOS Music section.

    Open your iPhone, go to Playlist: Recently Added, and you'll see show123 When you play it, the mp3 ID3 will even show comments tag field info is overlay-ed on top of the Cover Art (perfect looks great)

    The Problem is "Music" doesn't remember where you left off listening, or give you the speed listen x1.5 x2 x4 and skip forward/back 15 seconds options Podcast app does.

    If you go into iTunes, right click show123.mp3, "Get Info" (info tab) you'll see that the Genre is set to Podcast. (that's not good enough apparently) If you go to the (Options) tab you'll see Media Type

    If you change the type from Music to Podcast, it will then show up in iTunes as a Podcast.
    It will then re-sync to your iPhone and show up in the Podcast app.
    This is the best option, because the podcast app will remember where you left off, and give you the skip forward/back & x1.5,2x,3x speed listening options
    The problem is you no longer have quick access to viewing the guests & show notes for the day.
    (and it's a manual process)

    Are there any Windows/Mac utilities that will auto change the "Media Type" mp3 tag from Music to Podcast so iTunes will import it as a true Podcast? (so I don't have to manually do anything myself)

    I have a Jailbroken iPhone but can't find any Music add-on's in Cydia that will tweak in Podcast controls. (I can't be the only one requesting this?)

    Are there any AppStore Music Apps out there with built in Podcast controls? (skip, speed listen, etc) That would skip the whole complicated auto conversion thing all together. I couldn't find any.


    So far this page is giving me a few ideas to try for the first part of automation:
    How to Automatically Sync Any Song You Download to iTunes

    The problem is these "Podcasts" show up in Music area.

    Other ideas?

    So in summary, if someone could add Podcast controls in the regular Music app that would be great.
    If not, I need to find an automatic way to change mp3 "Media Type" from Music to Podcast before they are imported to iTunes. (so no manual fix is needed per show)
    2013-08-10 07:21 AM
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    Hi, Cydia app Bridge will convert an mp3 to a podcast and import it into your library.
    2013-08-11 10:10 PM
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    Hi, Cydia app Bridge will convert an mp3 to a podcast and import it into your library.
    Hey thanks I'll give that a try.

    To get the downloaded MP3 to my iTunes/iPhone I'm thinking of using
    How to Automatically Sync Any Song You Download to iTunes
    Belvedere Automates Your Self-Cleaning PC (this will copy the mp3 to the import folder)

    So.... If I use iTunes Automatically add to iTunes folder, and iTunes add's this mp3 to the regular Music collection, where would I find it on my iPhone? Does anyone know the file structure breakdown, and if I'll even be able to find it?

    Would I be better off using something like DropBox?

    I wonder if this script would work with Mountain Lion?
    Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes ♫ Re-Add Selected Tracks as Podcast v1.2

    "Mountain Lion Issues: Web Sharing activation is no longer available from the Sharing Preferences." :-(

    He posted a work around but not sure it's confirmed working.
    Web Sharing and Mountain Lion « Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes

    I'm a Windows 8 guy but I have Mountain Lion running in a VMware I could try.
    OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 VMware Image w/ AMD Support

    I'll give it a shot! (and share my results)
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    2013-08-12 03:14 AM
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    The script didn't work for me, and was too complicated to troubleshoot.

    In the mean time I found a Speed Listen app for my iphone called "FastMusic"

    FastMusic | cocoa bagel


    It's pretty good, and I have quick access to my "recently added" playlist

    I think I can get by on this. Too bad the Music app is the only one that overlays the ID3 tag "Comments"

    Music app ....

    FastMusic App ....
    2013-08-12 07:07 AM
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    Hi, myTunes in Cydia produces links to your music in its own folder after rebooting.
    2013-08-12 11:01 AM
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    Hi, myTunes in Cydia produces links to your music in its own folder after rebooting.
    Interesting I knew someone had to of made it easier to access our library.

    "NOTE: This program runs in the background and does not create an icon on your home screen.
    After installation, browse ‘/private/var/mobile/Media/myTunes’ for you tracks.
    Now open iFile application on your iPhone and then navigate to /var/mobile/Media/myTunes NOTE: Hit the top left button to see other directories, keep hitting it until you see Var, then tap on it, hit mobile, then Media, and finally myTunes."

    "Normally if you access the iPod folder on the iPhone and look for songs (at itunes _control/music/f01/fder.mp3) you will find weird names for the song file & folders like ‘TGKP.mp3? thus making it virtually impossible to locate a particular file on the iPhone.

    Now with myTunes you can actually...."

    I could actually access the imported mp3 via Bridged and turn it into a Podcast!

    Good to know.

    So far I'm happy enough using FastMusic as my player. I'm not sure it's worth converting into true podcast any more. I'll see how it goes after awhile. With this app, I can pause it and not worry about losing my place. (since playing something else doesn't effect this app when I come back to it)

    So yeah the FastMusic app seems BETTER than the podcast app playback controls. The Speed Listening has much great fine grain control.

    The Recently Added play list is quickly available and has thumbnails.
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    2013-08-12 11:53 AM
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    Update, the app SpeedUp is Superior to FastMusic. (Thanks djkikrome on WDM forum)

    Lite (free)

    Pro (paid)

    I went ahead and paid for the pro version of SpeedUp Lite and guess what?

    1) It's full screen and even more polished looking on iPhone 5 (lite is older short screen)

    2) It has Preferences to control custom gestures, custom remote headphone controls.

    3) It has Preferences to Save play position!

    4) It displays the show info/notes WDM embedded into the unsyncedlyrics tag!!!!! (AWESOME)
    You can scroll up down to read them all too

    Ok so this is the final fix I'm 100% happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Speed listening to Howard through certain guests is a must.
    (and the Speed control on SpeedUp is easier to use than FastMusic, one less step)
    2013-08-13 06:19 AM
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