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  1. Michetti723's Avatar
    Im looking for an app in stead of typing in a number code to unlock the phone it woul instead scan ur fingerprint that u have saved and if it matches up it will open the phone.
    2008-03-24 06:12 AM
  2. desepticon's Avatar
    i dont think the iphone has that possibility
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    2008-03-24 06:22 AM
  3. dale1v's Avatar
    No, the iPhone doesn't come with a fingerprint reader.
    2008-03-24 03:43 PM
  4. GregTheWang's Avatar
    Hmmm. interesting idea actually, I was thinking about this too, as I'm sure a lot of people have. The iphone isn't capable of doing small things like this, but it sure can test the size of a finger and the amount of push is put into a scan.
    2008-03-25 10:53 PM
  5. josh900's Avatar
    the iphone can do this because if anyone can think back a long time ago if you used web apps (i did before i jailbroke my phone) that there was a web app called finger scanner and you could save your passwords and stuff online in this app and if you wanted to see them you had to scan your finger it was just a trial and to get the full version you had to buy it but you could scan your finger in the trial version and save it to your account and it really worked i tested it with all my friends and it would only work with me so this can be done i hope someone can look into this the link to this web app is
    2008-03-27 03:51 AM
  6. Kariya9mdoa's Avatar
    It is a simulation and nothing more it is a pcture of an oval not a finger print and it wouldn't be able to find anything because it doesn't show the actual fingerprint so what do you have to gain by lying.

    2008-03-27 05:40 AM
  7. aziatiklover's Avatar
    thats nice but we r still in 2008 and the 3g iphone is not even out yet
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    2008-03-27 05:42 AM
  8. heath_rox's Avatar
    heres kind of what your asking for (not realy but looks cool)
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    2008-03-27 05:50 AM
  9. cdd_of_life's Avatar
    ty yty
    2010-07-18 12:34 AM
  10. jarren103's Avatar
    Search for this phone, Motorola Atrix 4G. It has the real fingerprint reader to unlock your phone
    2013-01-03 11:30 AM