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    A cool new app Geo World Deluxe

    ★★★ Introducing Geo World Deluxe ★★★

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    * World countries, 50 USA states and seven games in one application
    * Country and its capital pronunciation in English, Spanish and Russian
    * Interactive colorful map with flags - bright and easy to remember
    * Landmarks using Google Street View - walk around and discover the places
    * Powered by a realistic physics engine - to have more real fun playing
    * Both kids and adults enjoy the application - it is some serious fun!
    * Works on iPhone and iPad
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    Geo World Deluxe is a beautifully crafted geography application that makes learning countries and 50 USA states fun!

    This colorful, bright and dynamic game makes it easy to learn geography using seven different games. You can actually touch, move and drop countries - it is powered by a realistic physics engine. Discover new amazing way to learn with Geo World Deluxe!

    One App With Seven Games:

    FALL-N-CATCH: Tap on the correct falling down country among colorful ones.

    LOCATIONS: Find the location of the selected country on the map.

    SHAPES: Stack the countries to build a pile. The taller it is, the more score you get.

    NEIGHBOURS: Pick the country that borders with all countries on the screen.

    CAPITALS: Match countries with their capitals.

    EXPLORATION: Learn countries, their locations, shapes and flags.

    PLACES: Discover landmarks, match them to the correct locations on the map using Google Street View.

    Learn All About Countries and the USA States:
    * Flags
    * Capitals
    * Landmarks
    * State shapes
    * Bordering states
    * Location on the map

    Geo World Deluxe is a fun to play educational app for kids and adults!

    Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id669216174
    Requirements: iOS 6.0 or Later.
    Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only.
    I recommend you to download this useful and awesome app.
    2013-12-22 10:19 PM