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    Hey, I was wondering if someone could recommend me and give me the name of some Cydia apps that could do the following.
    Please note that I am new to these forums (VERY new, just registered today c and I was not sure what board to post it in, so I chose to post it in the most relevant board.
    Okay, please recommend me some apps that can do the following:
    What I really want:
    -Face recognition lock
    -Live notes- notes that I can draw on the home screen
    -Something that forces apps to always be open, so I don't have to open instagram 30 times a day
    -iPod controls (no ipod controls are on ios 6.1.5). I want some controls for bass, treble, etc.
    -Face recognition lock (?)
    What I don't really want, but would be cool:
    -Being able to use what the camera is seeing as the wallpaper (this would be amazing)
    -Changing default noises (keyboard clicks, lock sounds, etc)
    -That windows theme everyone is talking about (makes the entire device looks like it's running windows 98)

    And that is pretty much it.
    Please go easy on me since this is my first post, and if this is the wrong board, please tell me where else I could post this.
    Thanks c:
    2014-02-17 12:13 AM
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    thats really difficult.. i dont know any app like this.. You should hire an developer or visit online development portal like App creator ..
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    2014-05-07 01:53 PM