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    So the title of this post is probably not the best for what I want to say. I was wondering if anyone knew of any data usage monitoring tweaks for Cydia that are capable of triggering "Activator"? I know that Activator can already activate and deactivate cellular data when you connect or disconnect from a wifi network but a HUGELY awesome tweak would be a data monitor that activator could use as a trigger, then you could set the data monitor to have a cap and send out it's trigger based on a user-defined percentage of the cap and activator could act upon these triggers, killing all apps at 80% and deactivating cellular data at 95% for example.

    Hopefully someone can get back to me on this one. Also if you can think of a better title for this thread let me know too lol
    2014-08-26 07:15 AM
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    Ask Ryan Petrich if he can add a Data detecting feature to Activator and then pair it w/ the appropriate Activator actions
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    2014-08-26 09:29 AM