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    Office ToGo - Best Business App for iPhone and iPad
    Microsoft Office Viewer, Document & Spreadsheets Editor


    Office ToGo is the business app that will organize your business life for you in a hurry and in a cinch. Simply put, this is just the very best document-editing as well as management suite for your iPhone and iPad. Here is what you can expect from this stellar app.

    Essentially, you get so many different and highly useful apps in just one app. You get a Microsoft Office viewer, a spreadsheet and documents editor, a PDF maker, a voice recorder, a file manager and even a document scanner all in just one, handy app. How money-saving and efficient is that?!

    Let’s take a quick look at some of the many features that this app offers you:

    Microsoft Office Viewer,
    Document & Spreadsheets Editor,
    PDF Maker,
    Voice Recorder,
    Document Scanner
    File Manager,
    all features in a single app !


    + Able to create and edit Rich Text Documents
    + Easily create and edit Spreadsheets
    + Create PDF files from scanned documents.
    + Simply create Hand-Written notes
    + Create Drawings and Sketches
    + Record Voice Memos
    + Wirelessly transfer files to your PC and Mac
    + USB file transfer functionality for PC and Mac
    + Offline document editing
    + Send you documents as an email attachment
    + Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive and FTP sync
    + Word and Excel file viewer build in.
    + View your PowerPoint, PDF, iWork, Text, .RTF, and more directly in the app.
    + 3rd Party "Open In" support
    + Download or create documents from anywhere.


    + Directly draw sketches into your PDF documents.
    + Add hand-written notes, comments and highlights to your PDF documents.
    + Fill out PDF Forms directly from your device and send them through email.
    + Sign and Send Documents
    + Convert documents from Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Text and iWork documents into PDF documents.


    + Simply create and edit Spreadsheets that are compatible with Microsoft Excel
    + Style your documents with colors, fonts and sizing
    + Copy, cut and paste multiple cells


    + Build into the app is a High quality document scanner
    + Scanned documents can be converted to PDF
    + Scanned images can be converted to PNG, JPG or PDF
    + Crop documents and images cropping
    + Size adjustment for documents and images.
    + Share documents through email attachment, Whats App, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Sky Drive


    + Record voice memos
    + Play recorded memos
    + Share voice memos
    + Transfer voice memos to PC and Mac


    + Create and manage folders
    + Delete files
    + Rename Files
    + Manage files through drag and drop


    + Resume template
    + Cover Letter template
    + Meeting Minutes Template
    + Business Plan template
    + Weekly Planner template
    + Monthly Planner template
    + Contract for the Sale of Goods template
    + Resignation Letter template
    + Power of Attorney template
    + Weekly Time Sheet template
    + Agenda template
    + Statement of Services template
    + Budget Sheet template
    + Collection Demand Letter template
    + Blog Post template
    + And many more templates are included


    A large collection of ready-to-use sample emails in the following categories


    Download Link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/offic...782250899?mt=8
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