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    *FREE APP! For a limited time Doctor Spin is totally FREE*

    Enter the dark and spooky dungeon of Doctor Spin, where the dead come to life and the most gruesome monsters are created! Join this mad scientist in his endless quest to create monsters terrifying enough to spook Frankenstein!

    This monster creation game features a style of gameplay unlike any other game you’ve played before! As Doctor Spin’s new assistant, you’ll need to power his machine! Tilt and spin your phone to make sure you follow the fast moving Zeta Ray as it spins! This fun and dizzying game is the only game where you’ll have to spin to win!

    Enter the Doctor Spin Dungeon for These Game Features:

    Unique “Spin to Win” Gaming Experience

    o Unlike other games where you only tap or tilt your phone, you’ll actually spin and rotate your phone to create monsters!

    Brilliant Hand Drawn Cartoon Theme and Graphics
    o Enter the mad scientist castle and step into his dungeon for creating monsters! Amazing graphics throw you into Doctor Spin’s insane world

    Terrifying Monster Creations
    o 10 Gruesome monsters to help Doctor Spin create! Check the monster file to see secret info Doctor Spin wrote himself!

    Track your Zeta Score
    o Scoreboard shows you your top spin stats and game center integration lets you show off your monster creation skills

    Spooky Opening Sequence and Instructions
    o Doctor Spin himself will show you how to use the maddening Zeta Ray, complete with opening theme song

    Help the insane scientist Doctor Spin create the most terrifying monsters ever seen! You’ll have endless hours of dizzying fun with Doctor Spin’s unique “spin to win” gameplay dynamics. Monster creations await you! Download Doctor Spin and start spinning today!

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    Check out our terrifying video on our website! Doctor Spin

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    What's New in Version 1.2
    >Game size has been optimized and is now smaller than 100MB. Downloading on a 4G connection is now possible.>Numerous bug fixes and other optimizations.>Awesome new screenshots, App Store description and game video.>Doctor Spin bought a nice new pair of shoes.

    iPhone Screens:

    Doctor Spin Website: http://www.doctorspin.com

    iTunes link:
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