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    Wall Bricks
    Wall Bricks Original Arcade Game

    Wall Bricks is our new super-addictive and challenging action arcade game with funny and competitive levels to play.
    Flip or climb from wall to wall with your magic bacl ball and try to avoid the obstacles. Clooect as many blue and red diamonds and gems for super power-ups to lead the High score. Unlock many new characters. Challenge yourself in about 50 crazy leves with different game modes. Fun and addictive action arcade game

    How far can you go ? Are you the Tap Master ?


    Wall Bricks is the best jump & climb action arcade game. Competitive and crazy.
    Bounce between the walls and catch the high score. Free download and play

    ◉ Challenge your reflex skills
    ◉ Game for Children
    ◉ Intuitive Arcade Gameplay
    ◉ Many Insane Levels
    ◉ Explosive Power-Ups
    ◉ Different Game Modes
    ◉ Endless Arcade Action
    ◉ Many Characters To Unlock
    ◉ Nice Game Design
    ◉ Game 2017

    Link to ITunes:
    2017-01-22 10:48 AM