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    Match My Balls
    Put away the candy, jewels and berries. Over 70 challenging levels featuring drones, hoisting the trophy, power ups, obstacles, Sports Shop, and athletic themed music by Nova Sound. Make your way from the soccer field to the basketball court, tennis court, bowling alley, volleyball court, football field, and finally Match My Balls Stadium!

    Level types: Target Score, Ice Block Crush, Locker Crush, Trophy Hoist, Color Collection, Sports Hair Gel, Limited Moves, Limited Time. Power ups: Drone a smart bomb that searches for the best ball and destroys it, CrossBomb, SimpleBomb with funny faces on each ball, ColorBomb, LightningBomb. Obstacles and other mechanics: Metal Locker, Rowdy Fans, Net, Teleport, Wall.

    Daily rewards: Mini-game Wheel of Fortune allows you to win a random prize once a day.

    In-App Purchases: Sports Shop to purchase in-game Points for goods.
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    2017-01-25 06:25 AM