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    So... Your probably thinking that you can't have wiggles on 1.1.1 WELL!

    I have a quick question...

    Say you download 1.1.3 SvPatch or 1.1.4 compatibility patch to make your iTouch think it is on 1.1.3.

    Then download All Applications, which patches the Springboard to get iPhone apps. Then download a 1.1.3 package that has the wiggles in it.

    Would this work?

    (Also) I tried to download a YouTube fix and when I did I clicked on youtube and it would go straight back to the springboard, so I delted the fix and it erased my youtube app, anyway to get it back?

    (Also) What up with installer? All I get on the main screen is a question mark instead of the icon.

    (Also) Is there an app that lets you change your apps icons... like a custimize plugin or something of that nature.

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    2008-03-26 12:23 AM
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    Nope, even with the compatibility patch and you download it, it will make your iPod or iPhone crash, I have been through it, you don't want that to happen.
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    2008-03-26 12:28 AM
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    Time to upgrade.
    2008-03-26 12:31 AM
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    just go up to 1.1.4 sheesh

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    2008-03-26 08:58 AM