1. rikerknight's Avatar
    Does anyone know of a simple way to play mp4's other than syncing them vie iTunes. MxTube can play them, but you can't manually add to the list.
    2008-03-27 07:46 AM
  2. Baenor's Avatar
    perhaps you can open them using the "finder" app? The file assocation may need to be made first.

    I havent tried this myself, I just assume it would work.
    2008-03-27 09:09 AM
  3. rikerknight's Avatar
    That's the "how to open", but I need the "with what"...

    I've tried openin with MxTube and the ipod apps... but nothin...

    It's gotta be possible... right?
    2008-03-27 07:09 PM
  4. ezphone's Avatar
    so far i have imported video from drop copy, moved it to mxtube with mobile finder they show up in the directory but not as clips in mxtube, im pretty new with this but maybe someone could clue me in. is there a way to rename the file to trick mxtube that they are legit to play or came from a lagit source. i run 1.1.4 and mx tube works great just an occasional lost download
    2008-10-16 10:04 AM