1. mopplecrump's Avatar
    Glad to Shazam is free on itunes.
    Remember Ericas app - listen ? this is the same, identifies a song / artist by listening to a song on the radio or tv by holding iphone to the speaker.

    Not tried it yet but it says "Available Free for a limited period" so get it now
    2008-07-10 08:53 PM
  2. billchase2's Avatar
    midomi seems to do about the same thing as well. i'm very happy to see these available!
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    2008-07-10 08:55 PM
  3. dallasnights's Avatar
    Wish they were avail via 1.14

    iPhone 4
    4.1 Firmware
    2008-07-10 10:16 PM
  4. cranie's Avatar
    I thought the same thing about Erica's app when I saw this. Guess that's why Gracenote was unwilling to work with her without the hefty charge. Hopefully this will work as well cause her version was almost 100% accurate.
    2008-07-11 12:36 AM
  5. Philbert's Avatar
    I haven't even installed 2.0 yet, but I downloaded this app in advance.
    Phil Nolan
    Modeler / Animator
    High 5 Productions
    2008-07-11 01:45 AM
  6. Riversismyhero's Avatar
    Installed this earlier. 3/3 on songs from the radio. It also gives you iTunes/Youtube links
    2008-07-11 02:15 AM
  7. danvicente's Avatar
    yeah very cool app similar to midomi which is also available on appstore..

    Shazam seems to be more accurate but Midomi has cool feature like the ability to hum/sing the song your looking for as well as listen mode, or you could just say the name of the song.. Both apps give you youtube links and itunes purchase options
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    2008-07-11 05:25 AM
  8. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
    Also if you go to the ipone settings there is a new field listed at the bottom called "Shazam" That is where you can change the recording length
    2008-07-11 03:23 PM
  9. Philbert's Avatar
    I just tried this while standing in line at the store, it worked perfectly even with the store noise and with sound from just the stores speakers. BTW the song was Jesus Jones - Right here, Right Now.
    Phil Nolan
    Modeler / Animator
    High 5 Productions
    2008-07-12 12:32 AM
  10. xenomorph78's Avatar
    I've tried to stump this program for days now, but it is 30 for 30. Amazing how it knows every song out there. I even tried it on my dad's old 60's country songs and it knew it!
    Most impressed!
    2008-07-19 06:49 AM
  11. Chase817's Avatar
    i tried this and it gave me a completely different song!
    http://modmyi.com/forums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=303541&dateline=12514  03473
    2008-07-19 07:28 AM
  12. beachboarder41's Avatar
    I just downloaded this song driving up to my parents house, every song that come on the radio i tested and i was fortunate to get all the information i needed on Earth, Wind, and Fire.
    Viva la iPhone - GET DOMINATED
    2008-07-19 07:41 AM
  13. coreym@cfl.rr.com's Avatar
    it works real well....... ummmmm if you try humming into your phone make sure no one is watching!!!!
    2008-07-21 12:40 AM
  14. peteo's Avatar
    I've tried to stump this program for days now, but it is 30 for 30. Amazing how it knows every song out there. I even tried it on my dad's old 60's country songs and it knew it!
    Most impressed!
    This is an awesome app but I played a couple of front 242 songs and it couldn't figure them out (kind of ironic)

    Finds almost every thing else though.
    2008-07-22 06:05 PM
  15. defmute's Avatar
    My brother stumped it, but he has some really obscure music.
    2008-07-22 06:08 PM
  16. silencer82's Avatar
    Very neat program. I played some obscure electronic stuff and it found most of it, along with album art and youtube links. I was impressed!
    2008-07-22 06:39 PM
  17. innovaciones's Avatar
    I dont see Shazam in the App Store Mexico, is there a way to install it?

    -- UPDATE --
    Ok i have figured out how to do it, just register a USA account in iTunes with this tutorial: winandmac.com then logout your normal account and log in with the USA account, search for Shazam in iTunes and download, then logout the USA account and login with your normal account and finally sync your iPhone, Shazam should be there in your iPhone.

    I think this method should work with all the missing apps for your country.

    -- UPDATE 2 --
    Ok, it works but all your apps from your country store will not work if this app is installed, so i think is not a valid method.
    Last edited by innovaciones; 2008-07-23 at 02:34 AM.
    2008-07-23 02:22 AM
  18. Siiv3r's Avatar
    wow thanks pretty cool
    2008-07-23 03:21 AM
  19. Ramses2's Avatar
    I installed Shazam. It worked well at the beginning and now, when I want the utuiliser, I have this error: "The application "Shazam" cannot be opened"

    What is it ??
    2008-07-28 06:56 PM
  20. dgreekman's Avatar
    I have tried installing this on mine (3G) and my wifes Iphone (2G) both unlocked and when i tap the icon, the icons disappear like the app will run then its just goes back to the home screen. Tried uninstalling it and re installing on both phones.....but still the same. any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
    2008-09-08 04:53 PM
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