1. chriscoyne's Avatar
    Well, I have been looking over the Apps at the AppStore and seems as though Modifying your iPhone is still not allowed by Apple.

    No Customize
    No SMBprefs (Summerboard)
    No Advance Preferences

    What others are missing?

    Has anyone found these Utilities?


    Round-up So Far - Updated - July 13th

    No Customize
    No SMBprefs (Summerboard)
    No Advance Preferences
    No Categories

    No Modding its seems of any kind.
    No themes
    No Apps running in the background
    No Taskbar Notifier

    No PhoneZap and Chuzzle
    No great messengers? ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Googletalk..... Only AIM
    No intelliscreen
    No iToday
    No Feeds
    No uSirius or uXM just AOL Radio
    No Snapture (or other camera mod) Update. Press Power and home at the same time for one second and it takes a screenshot.
    No iPhone video recorder
    No Orb
    No TouchPad
    No iPhysics
    No Raging Thunder,
    No Emulators,
    No THTouch, Update - Texas Hold'em and other Poker Games listed
    No iCopter,
    No Tetris - Update - Tetris App Listed
    No MMi Themer

    No Lockbox
    No PocketTouch
    No iSolitare - Update - Solitare App Listed
    No Pocket Guitar
    No VideoTones
    No iSlsk
    No mxTube - Or an App that saves videos to iPhone
    No Ringtone creator App
    No Send Songs
    No Send Full Res Photos
    No Simplify - Remote access to home computer over WiFi or 3G

    See More Make a posting.
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    2008-07-10 09:58 PM
  2. mcdj's Avatar
    Apple has not authorized themes, at least not yet, maybe never.

    Other apps that won't be on the store are any that run in the background, like Taskbar Notifier (which in addition to Summerboard are the 2 main reasons I'm not updating until a stable jailbreak is released).
    I'm so glad I don't have to meet The Internet People.
    2008-07-10 10:07 PM
  3. brotherbond007's Avatar
    Once the Dev's Crack this 3G business I will once again work on WORLD DOMINATION...

    the Brain
    Black iPhone 4 iOS4 AT&T

    The iPhone 4 "my precious" - Gollum
    2008-07-10 10:40 PM
  4. billchase2's Avatar
    i'm definitely missing PhoneZap and Chuzzle
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    2008-07-10 10:53 PM
  5. tuhin192's Avatar
    What about the great messengers? Yahoo, MSN, Googletalk.
    2008-07-10 11:05 PM
  6. Poseidon79's Avatar
    AIM is the only one on the appstore.
    2008-07-10 11:08 PM
  7. Philbert's Avatar
    I noticed Erica Sadun has at least one app in there, the flashlight (which I use almost every night). I didn't see if there were others, I just looked briefly.
    Phil Nolan
    Modeler / Animator
    High 5 Productions
    2008-07-11 12:06 AM
  8. coreym@cfl.rr.com's Avatar
    intelliscreen and the like will also not be on there
    2008-07-11 12:13 AM
  9. blue2noise's Avatar
    Right off the top i see the following are not there that I use a lot...

    Snapture (or other camera mod)
    iPhone video recorder
    2008-07-11 02:32 AM
  10. Philbert's Avatar
    If iPhone Video Recorder doesn't appear darned fast you can be sure someone else will come up with something to replace it.
    Phil Nolan
    Modeler / Animator
    High 5 Productions
    2008-07-11 03:06 AM
  11. jetskier79's Avatar
    Keep in mind that many devs are at the whim of apple at this point. I know that myself and a few others are sitting on apps waiting for the word.
    2008-07-11 03:22 AM
  12. myuneekphone's Avatar
    The one I would miss is TouchPad..I use it at least 2 hrs a day...that is why I won't be moving over just yet.
    2008-07-11 10:55 AM
  13. Philbert's Avatar
    I don't even play guitar, but I hope to see Pocket Guitar anyway. I just thought it was cool to play with. And it was a cool conversation starter when meeting people who do play.
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    Phil Nolan
    Modeler / Animator
    High 5 Productions
    2008-07-11 11:46 AM
  14. tacofreak's Avatar
    iphysics people!
    2008-07-11 12:17 PM
  15. ajl917's Avatar
    A video recorder, Raging Thunder, emulators, THTouch, iCopter, Tetris; list goes on and on...
    2008-07-11 01:05 PM
  16. AKA_Ben's Avatar
    Dont forget the emulators and iSlsk! Other great reasons to keep pining for a 2.0 jailbreak. Will all the apps have to be rewritten again do you think?
    2008-07-11 01:33 PM
  17. gripdis's Avatar
    All I need is customize smb prefs installer obviously MMI Themer snapture 7 lockbox and I would be more than happy!!! <<< See happy I hope these programs work as I want these programs and the app store UNTIL THAN I WILL SIT BACK AND WAIT!!
    30+ Apps Installed And Going
    1.1.4 8GB Iphone
    Jailbraked using Ziphone !!!
    2008-07-11 02:03 PM
  18. kcrmson's Avatar
    No one misses that PocketTouch isn't (at least currently) up on the AppStore? It's the main reason I jailbroke my iPhone, much easier to adjust volume and change tracks while driving in the car (especially a manual trans in California with the new hands-free law).
    I came, I saw, I forgot what the hell I was there for.
    2008-07-11 04:26 PM
  19. bigd s14's Avatar
    Well, I will wait till pockettouch, iSolitare, Summerboard, customize and iPhysics are released.
    2008-07-11 04:55 PM
  20. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
    You won't see customize and summerboard on the Appstore. That said, I would love a Solitaire game.

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.
    2008-07-11 09:26 PM
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