1. Siiv3r's Avatar
    website - SmugMug Photo Sharing. Your photos look better here.
    cost: Free

    What is it?
    A program that allows you to upload yes upload photos to a online database at smugmug.com

    Pictures i took via capture in 2.0 and uploaded via smugmud.com
    my smug account page - siiv3r's photos- powered by SmugMug


    one of my home screens on my ipot

    login screen

    select a picture to upload

    click go and then go to computer and there they are organized for u online in order uploaded also u can make sub folders via ipot/phone also phone users can use their camera and directly upload.

    me uploading the first picture via smugmug

    Overall - 5/5
    does what u need !
    2008-07-13 01:04 AM
  2. Trent J.'s Avatar
    Seems like a nice little app to have. I have MobileMe off of a friends family membership so I just send my pictures there, but this is a nice FREE alternative.
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.
    2008-07-13 01:06 AM