1. Dust Busta's Avatar
    Can you buy a game in the App Store and sync it to more than one iPhone?

    I know with iPod games you could sync them to multiple iPods.

    Is this possible with iPhone games in the App Store?

    I'd like to put Tetris on my girlfriends iPhone also.
    2008-07-18 11:27 PM
  2. DucSloerie's Avatar
    I've tried it with Bejeweled, it works if you use the same iTunes account on both computers from where you sync. Or if you have the same iTunes account on both iPhones just download it again from the App Store
    2008-07-18 11:51 PM
  3. dirtybird1977's Avatar
    As long as both phones use the same iTunes account it will just tell you that you already downloaded it and if you want to download a free copy.
    Dirty as I wanna be!
    2008-07-19 12:04 AM
  4. coreym@cfl.rr.com's Avatar
    hummm i will have to try this because sometimes I sync with two computers and forget and download things on the secondary.... BUT now with push I may not need the second computer
    2008-07-21 01:43 AM