1. mane3215's Avatar
    Hey guys, I d/led an app, forgot that I had it on there, and pwned my phone, then restored my settings. Of course the app wasnt on there.

    I went to install it and was hoping it would say "already installed" but I dont want to hit buy to get to that section and get double charged.

    Is there an easy way to take care of this problem?

    2008-07-21 07:20 AM
  2. Shizz45acp's Avatar
    I had the same issue

    I just went ahead and clicked on the app i bought and hit "buy" again to redownload the app

    it asked me to login to my itunes account

    and once it began a message popped up saying you have already purchased this app press ok to redownload for free

    i didnt get double charged

    i hope this helps you
    2008-07-21 07:24 AM
  3. Broomhead's Avatar
    HaHa ^ what he said^

    Just go back to the App store and install again. It will recognize you paid for it and let you download again for free.
    2008-07-21 07:25 AM
  4. mane3215's Avatar
    Great, thanks guys!
    2008-07-21 07:30 AM
  5. Shizz45acp's Avatar
    The apps are linked to your itunes account not the device itself as well

    i found this out because i have 2 iphones and an ipod touch

    i was able to buy an app and install in on all my devices through app store with my itunes login

    thats good so i dont have to buy the same app over and over for my devices

    just thought id point this out if it isnt already known
    2008-07-21 07:32 AM