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  1. Orchidthief's Avatar
    What's up guys,
    Just wondering if there's a way around the 16 app limit yet on a jlbrd 2.0 iphone. It's really limiting that we can't have more than that.
    2008-07-21 07:17 PM
  2. billchase2's Avatar
    what 16 app limit? i have over 30 installed on my pwned 2.0 iphone... both official app store apps and ones installed from cydia.
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    2008-07-21 07:21 PM
  3. techyogi's Avatar
    there used to be an 80-something app limit... 83 i think? anyone have more than that?
    2008-07-21 07:47 PM
  4. Orchidthief's Avatar
    That' strange...I'm on a 4gb 2.0 pwned phone and when I sync apps through itunes it won't install anymore than a total of 16 apps. Prior to pwning I didn't have a problem having more than 16 on 1.1.3 jailbreaked. How are you guys getting more than 16 apps on it?
    2008-07-21 08:06 PM
  5. jrentzke's Avatar
    The app & page limit seems to be gone from v2.0
    Just select all apps to sync in iTunes.
    2008-07-21 08:45 PM
  6. Orchidthief's Avatar
    I have selected sync all and my phone doesn't seem to show more than 16. I'll give it another shot actually just to test it out again. Thanks for the input so far.

    Nevermind... =) Seems to be alright for me now. Selected sync all and it worked. Thanks guys!
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    2008-07-21 08:50 PM