1. sharkk717's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I'm finishing up development on a new app for release on the AppStore to send contact info via email/SMS, and I need some beta testers! I'm always frustrated when someone asks me for my friend's number to have to go in to contacts, write it down, then go into SMS and type it in again, so this app is my shot at a solution.

    Here's the screenshot:

    If you're interested in giving it a shot, send me an email: developer /at/ ludustech /dot/ com.

    Cheers, Tyler
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    2008-07-22 01:51 AM
  2. Jazz2k8's Avatar
    Nice idea for an app.. whats the email add? name[at]domain.com??
    2008-07-22 01:58 AM
  3. sharkk717's Avatar
    hi jazz,

    sorry i misformatted the email, it's fixed in the original post
    2008-07-22 02:06 AM
  4. big "dd"'s Avatar
    Great idea...i have always wanted this. I am running 2.0 3g jailbreak can I ssh this to my phone? or can you put it on cydia?
    2008-07-22 02:38 AM
  5. vietalogy's Avatar
    yes i need this app. are u going to charge a price and if so how much?
    2008-07-22 04:48 AM
  6. bxbrova718's Avatar
    aww man this sounds lovely...definitely a much needed app..will it be compatible with the new firmware update when installler 4.0 drops..i would love to have this app
    2008-07-22 05:00 AM
  7. ebl4287's Avatar
    i'll love to beta test
    2008-07-22 05:56 AM
  8. dbest1i's Avatar
    sending u an email, i wouldn't mind trying this out.
    2008-07-22 06:02 AM
  9. ajustcircle's Avatar
    has anyone got this app from tyler? he emailed me back and asked for my id. i sent it to him several days ago and haven't heard anything back yet.
    2008-07-27 08:01 AM
  10. daren771's Avatar
    ya i got the app from him its beta 2
    2008-07-27 06:22 PM
  11. stlcaddie's Avatar
    I would love to test. If still available...pm me here.
    2008-07-27 06:52 PM
  12. JAX's Avatar

    I would like to test it.
    2008-07-27 07:18 PM
  13. Wildman94's Avatar
    Hello. I would really like to test this application. I am going to send you an email right now. Hope to get picked!!!
    2008-07-27 09:46 PM