1. kioken's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I am currently running a 1st gen iphone jailbroken with the 2.0 firmware. I recently downloaded the Twinkle twitter app, and as some of you know it crashes due to the Amazon S3 failure the other day. It caused a problem with the avatars. Well, I guess I'm getting impatient, and the staff says the problem is that the avatars are cached in the iphone, and until that is cleared it's going to keep crashing, or until the new version is released of Twinkle. So, my question is, where can I find where the cache is stored so I can clear it out and start this from scratch?

    2008-07-22 07:28 PM
  2. Iceflow's Avatar
    I had this problem too. It was a pain to figure out how to fix it. I'll try my best to explain what I did.

    First, remove the app from your iPhone by holding down on the icon and pressing the X.
    Now, with your iPhone synced to your computer, go to the applications section under your iPhone and manually choose the applications to sync. Choose all BUT the application causing an issue. That should uninstall it completely from the iPhone.
    Now, add that application back to the list of apps you want synced, and sync away.

    I think that's what I did.

    Give that a shot.
    2008-07-22 10:06 PM