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    I've been waiting for moleskine to get ported over to 2.0 and in the process stumbled across a little app in the appStore called YouNote. It's FREE and is a nice replacement for your stock notes app.
    Like moleskine, it gives you the option to make groups of notes that you can divide into subcategories and such. But not only can you make text based notes but also picture notes, audio notes and you can scribble a note with you finger like a sketchpad.
    If you enjoyed Moleskine, then I highly recommend this app.

    It also has an option to save web notes or something. It has a built in browser which you can navigate to where ever and then save the web address along with a a screenshot and you can type in notes to go along with it. Not sure why you would use this function, but it is there.

    Appears the only thing this app is missing is the ability to sync with the computer or email notes to yourself as a backup. Maybe in an update they will implement it.
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