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    There is a bug on the Apps not being able to run (Legit Apps)

    The apps that I have paid for or the free ones don't even work now! What's the deal Apple!

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    2008-08-07 05:09 AM
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    Has anyone considered the fact that the Appstore has only been open for about a month? Nevermind the fact that the official SDK has only been around since March. It takes time to make good software.

    I'm not ignoring the fact that there are some crappy programs, but as it was said, Apple doesn't control the programs submitted, they just make sure they work, and aren't harmful to the device. That being said... are there not an equal number of crappy JB apps? Of course there are. The only difference, is now you have to put a price on these programs. But really, if you don't like it, don't buy it.

    There are also a number of very excellent programs already available, with plenty more on the way. Oh, did I also mention that plenty of originally JB only apps are arriving in the appstore?

    Example: ProRemote 1.0

    Now, before anyone goes "ZOMG! $150!!! RIPOFFZ!!!11,"" realize that good professional music software is expensive, and $150 is actually rather on the low end. I intend to purchase it as soon as it hits the store.

    Beatmaker is also a very solid MPC style sampling/sequencing software. I believe Teleport was also mentioned and is, hands down, the best virtual desktop software currently available. There are also plenty of GPS programs popping up, and some of the newer ones are looking way better than any JB app.

    Either way, all I'm saying is give the Appstore a good long hard look before dismissing it. And if you still don't like it, come back around Christmas and tell me there aren't any good apps available.
    While there is even an equal number of crappy JB apps, the number of highly useful apps is MUCH higher.

    Also, people praise teleport yet VNC has been in JB for ages...and it doesn't route anything through 3rd party servers...but to each it's own.

    While there might be better apps in the App store in the feature, Apple rules still apply and as such, those apps will be limited by them (no background activity, no system integration or even access, etc.0

    Cost has nothing to so with it.
    I've personally donated more money to various devs then many of you have spent in the App store.
    Leeching is not what I do.

    As far as GPS software...well thats to be seen.
    The sheer fact that I can't use nav and talk or check my email will lower it's usability quite a bit.
    Lets say you're driving and are using a App Store GPS app to navigate....but have to use your phone.
    After you're done, do you have to fetch satellites again...load maps again...see the issue?

    Well we'll see.
    Let's just not be quick to dismiss JB apps.
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