1. bridgeyman's Avatar

    As a developer, my experience with the App Store hasn't been all that positive. No matter how many phone calls and emails I send nothing seems to happen. I submitted a story to Digg to try to get some attention to the issue. I realize the title is pretty sensationalist, but I had to get it noticed, right? :P Please help me out and get this Dugg! Digg - App Store Ripping Off Some Developers

    Bridger Maxwell
    2008-08-03 11:59 PM
  2. skb875's Avatar
    I tried supporting you.. I bought the app, but it's not working.

    I launch it, and it shows the background and closes.. Like the permissions are wrong.

    I tried syncing from my PC to my phone..
    I tried downloading it straight on my phone from the AppStore
    I even tried setting the permissions manually

    Nothing works.. Any suggestions?
    2008-08-04 08:20 AM
  3. mopplecrump's Avatar
    I feel your frustration with Apple.

    Its a shame that your app is not at the front with the new releases as its a really decent game and priced well so should sell in bucketloads. meanwhile you`re losing out on revenue.

    When the update appears, it should push it to the front of new apps, so maybe then you`ll get the sales you deserve.
    2008-08-04 11:01 AM