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  1. whateverman24791's Avatar
    Just wondering if theres any app thats on the way for Fantasy Football (ESPN and Yahoo) Thanks
    2008-08-07 02:54 AM
  2. dirtybird1977's Avatar
    I would definitely like that. Something that could track player stats live would be awesome. I hope NFL comes out with something.
    Dirty as I wanna be!
    2008-08-07 03:09 AM
  3. ajl917's Avatar
    I would love it. Im surprised ESPN hasnt come ut with an app for their fantasy leagues...
    2008-08-07 05:48 AM
  4. whateverman24791's Avatar
    If they did, I'd def pay 4.99....maybe 9.99 with more features
    2008-08-07 05:51 AM
  5. belsokar's Avatar
    Hopefully this isn't considered against forum rules, but I just released a Fantasy Football app to the app store. You can find it under sports, it's called: "Draft Central '08"

    This initial version is only a draft tool, but it's cheap ($.99), and should receive a couple free updates in the coming weeks.

    I have big plans for it in terms of a full fledged fantasy app. Look out ESPN!

    So check out the app:

    or check out the website (still new): UltimateFFB: Fantasy Football for the iPhone and iPod touch

    Let me know your thoughts, constructive criticism, and what features you'd like to see, I'm definitely taking all input at this time! I'm not easily offended, so if you need to rip me a new one, feel free to do so
    2008-08-13 08:24 PM
  6. peteypab2133's Avatar
    I think that CBS sportsline really has the best FFB.

    Would be nice, considering i will have like $500 in fantasy floating in cyberspace
    2008-08-13 09:19 PM
  7. brianmarocco's Avatar
    i bought it and think that it is great! what the heck for .99 i won't wast a ton of paper Friday night when I draft. i would love if you could add a feature so that once the season starts we can link our players to any league we use and get realtime stats based on how our league scores. or you could allow us right from the app to set up our leagues scoring rules...that would be great!!!
    2008-08-16 11:06 PM
  8. ajl917's Avatar
    Well I know that ESPN was going to have some iPhone focus group in NYC a while ago, so I think they are looking into the possibilities of working with the iPhone. If they could just have an app that is like their the Myspace app, works with the website but with a different layout, that would be great...
    2008-08-23 05:42 AM
  9. wookiee2cu's Avatar
    My FF league uses CBS Sportsline, so I just created a button for the website on my first apps page and just surf the actual site. This is the first phone I have found that will actually pull up the site, I'm stoked!
    2008-08-25 10:56 PM
  10. seejaygo's Avatar
    They already have an app where you can check updated player stats, it's Sportstastic. It doesn't manage your team directly, but you can save any player and put it into a group so you can view all of your players stats. It's all free btw.

    I would love an app directly from ESPN to manage my team, but Sportstastic is the next best thing IMO.
    2008-08-31 03:53 AM
  11. AKay724's Avatar
    damm i looked for sportstastic and it wasnt available at the app store.
    2008-08-31 06:33 AM
  12. seejaygo's Avatar
    Haha I'm such a noob, it's not "sportstastic," it's "Sportstacular." Sorry for the confusion, see if that one works out for you.
    2008-08-31 11:49 AM
  13. 461am's Avatar
    How misleading. I expected "soccer".
    2008-08-31 11:54 AM
  14. AKay724's Avatar
    awesome im downloading now.
    That app should be great to track my fantasy footballers whenever the wife decides on forcing me to go shopping with her lol.
    2008-08-31 02:44 PM
  15. whateverman24791's Avatar
    Ive used sportstap for a while but now i think im gonna switch to sportstacular...a bit more visually pleasing
    2008-09-01 04:15 PM