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    When i first installed 2.0 and installed some apps, when i plugged my iphone into my pc, itunes promted me to auto transfer those apps to my pc, but i declined. ever since then, i cannot get that menu back. i can click on file and transffer apps but i dont always remember to do that. does anyone know how to set it so it automatically adds the apps form my iphone to my comp and from my comp to my iphone?
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    Update: found the solution: plug iphone into itunes, right click iphone in left hand pane and choose reset warnings, upon next sync, itunes will promt to tranfer apps form iphone to comp, and by selected to select which apps to sync from comp to iphone, one can have an app library on the comp, but a select few on the iphone to save space.
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    Another way to do this is to go "File > Transfer purchases from "your iphone's name""
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