1. bhz1's Avatar
    As a big fan of TTR I have been playing around with the idea of adding songs to the game library. Well I found out something, if you had any songs and taps from the Installer/Cydia version of TTR you CAN get them to work in the app store version.

    SSH the music (must be in mp4 format) into to iphone. Finding the folder with the app is the challenge but once you find the app folder, put the mp4 files into / ‘random characters”/Documents/Tap Tap Revenge/Music and SSH the corresponding tap file into into / ‘random characters”/Documents/Tap Tap Revenge/Taps. You have to add a difficulty level to the file name of the tap. For instance: The Offspring - Come Out And Play (easy).tap Make sure you leave the space between the song name and the dot.

    You can also add songs from iTunes but I cant figure out how to add an appropriate tap. Any mp4 song can go into the /Music directory and you can get the song to play if you add a corresponding tap file to the /Taps directory but the file size cannot be 0. It works if you rename another tap file to the name of your song but then the tap doesn’t match. I think if you have a free version of TTR where you can make your own tap you might be able to transfer that over but I have never tried making my own taps. May try later on my kid’s 1.1.4 iphone.
    2008-08-11 12:34 AM
  2. rdragona's Avatar
    Where can you find the tap files?
    iPad 2 5.1.1 Jailbroken with Absinthe 2.0
    2008-08-12 03:33 AM
  3. bhz1's Avatar
    I hapened to have a few I downloaded quite awhile ago when there was a repo on Installer for them. It was kozmicstar something I'd another. That repo is long gone but I have been ssh'ing the files back to my phone every upgrade or restore. Figured out how to get them to work with the app store version of the game. I think there are other places one could download songs and taps for the Installer version of TTR. You might try Goodle
    2008-08-12 05:03 AM
  4. crazykam's Avatar
    this works for a while then when i go open it after a while it says "the application "tap tap" cannot be opened. and it only happens when i put my own songs it there a fix for this?
    2008-09-27 06:03 PM
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    WTF is wrong with you people this section is for APPLE APPSTORE APPS not for hacked jailbroke phones. post in the right sections for christ sake
    If you want a Forum to discuss non jailbroken phones, head over to the apple webpage....

    But seriously, this is just an idea for an APP STORE APP, get over it

    2008-09-27 10:39 PM
  6. nrowensby's Avatar
    Great info... I love TTR and the original (pre-appstore) version picked up my songs easily, but the newer one, I just had to play with the shitty music it gave me. Two thumbs up!
    2008-09-28 12:09 AM
  7. Jeckel's Avatar
    this works for a while then when i go open it after a while it says "the application "tap tap" cannot be opened. and it only happens when i put my own songs it there a fix for this?
    I have a similar issue (with WeDict, though) that causes apps to not function after syncing (that's when I notice it doesn't work any more). So a solution could be not syncing (for as long as possible), not doing it and living with a limited app (that can do so much more) or just redo everything every time you sync back to your computer. I'm guessing it has to do with the checking that happens when you sync. It backs it up (as it is an AppStore app) but it has files related to it that are not AppStore related (extra songs or what have you), so instead of syncing the whole thing, it just ignores it, which causes the app to no longer work (until you reinstall).
    2008-09-28 01:00 AM