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    Well the original blog post can be found at Touch Revolution » TTR Update on its way!

    As we all should know TTR is now a multiplayer game, but what is it missing??? Oh yea, ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! Straight from the original creators words
    <natetrue>: I am adding online multiplayer to TTR what do you want to see. (Saurik’s IRC Saturday August 9th) What does this mean? We can have guitar hero on our iPhones and iPods for free. I suggested to him friend list or search for specific people, but he said that may come in later updates. Hopefully this update comes out soon so i can show my serious skills tothe rest of the world….. Hmmmmmmm, now we will need the TTR Olympics.
    I personally cannot wait for this. But as natetrue said later on "I am still in the sketching of this so it will not be released soon. This means no screenshots.
    2008-08-11 11:54 PM