1. georgc's Avatar
    Hello I just have a few questions regarding the app store app Tap Tap revenge. I downloades it and it appears to be complete junk. I know its a game of skill and rythem and i do well with these games. I play guitar hero dance dance revolution and stepmania. Tap tap however seems to be completly random on what presses it reads and what shakes it regesters. The framerate dips many times during a song. I have played it on both 2.0 and 2.0.1 normal/jailbroken and it preforms the same each time. I know its not me because i am used to these games. I would like to enjoy it but I cant even get 90% on the tutorial. Are there anyother settings that can be altered to maybe help make the game more responsive?
    2008-08-13 08:49 PM
  2. iRoach74's Avatar
    maybe you just suck
    2008-08-14 04:22 AM
  3. x999x's Avatar
    I never liked the tap patterns in TTR, and the ones made by uploaders were even worse :T

    My friends at Red Octane gave TTR a whirl and basically laughed, it IS that bad in comparison to what its trying to copy.

    Ah well, its free and maybe some day they'll get real music on there now that they've dished off a million copies. I think then I'll give it another go.
    2008-08-14 05:59 AM
  4. Taniban's Avatar
    i never really understood the x2 and x4 thing..

    I personally think i have it on time but i dont seem to be getting more combos..
    2008-08-14 06:58 AM