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    Being a fan of Zuma, I installed Puzzloop yesterday from the AppStore. I was very reluctant to pay 7.99$ for an app - as I've been jailbreaking and enjoying free apps since 1.1.1, but the screenshots looked good, and i really, really wanted to play Zuma again.

    The good points:
    I'm not disappointed!
    The controls are smooth and precise, animations are cute, and obstacles add a twist of difficulty to the stage mode.

    There is two modes: stage mode, where you have to clear levels, and endless mode (easy or hard) where you have to, as you guessed, endlessly eliminate balls until you lose.
    And you have the option to record your score on the website and compare to other players.

    The down point: There is only one sound setting. The sound effects are good & the warning music - when your balls get to close to the dead end - keeps the tension level up nicely. But the music itself... is a repetitive, chessy loop, that got on my nerve after less than 2 mn. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn only the music off. Let's hope for an update...

    Despise that, my first game got me glued to my iphone for an hour and a half.

    All in all, if you liked Zuma, you'll love puzzloop!

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