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    I was using MobileMoney on my jailbroken 1.1.4, and was looking for a replacement.
    I tried three different apps, but MyMoney answers my need better than any other apps.

    This easy-to-use app lets you create any numbers of accounts (i.e. checking, savings, visa... banking or credit categories), assign them an opening balance, then add any transaction in seconds.

    • Summary screen:

    The first screen to display when loading the app. Lists your different accounts, and their respective current balance. Negative balance, and balance of credit accounts, are shown in red. Neat presentation.

    • Viewing your accounts:

    Clicking on one account will show you a summary screen with a list of your transactions, listed by date, type (that's damn practical!) or name.
    But the best feature of all on this screen is Balancing. By clicking this icon you can enter your last statement and new statement balance, the finance and interest charges.
    Keeps you from wondering where your things didn't balance...
    On the same screen you'll find the + button to add a transaction.

    • Add a transaction:

    For banking accounts, the transaction screen includes Debit, ATM, Check, Other, and Deposit categories.
    For credit accounts, the Debit category is replaced by Charge, and Deposit by Payment.
    Each transaction can be named, dated, and edited later, if you just entered an amount on-the-go.

    Features are good, presentation is good, and it's very easy to use.

    My apologies if I made a long list... but there is so many financial apps out there, and most of them are quite disappointing, in my opinion. So for the not Donald-Trump type of people, like me, who just want to keep a record of what they spend and know how much money they have in different accounts, MyMoney surely is the way to go.

    0.99$ well spent.

    Now go blow your money!

    2008-08-17 07:10 PM