1. kylee_hk's Avatar
    Recently bought the iSilo to try reading ebooks, and I have no experience before.

    After installing iSilo, I use winscp (2G 2.0.1) to upload an English pdf file to :

    When I open iSilo, I can see the name of the pdf file, but when I click it only random codes appear, no text seen.

    Then I tried a Chinese ebook from a local forum, after unzip it is a folder containing many .EXE files. I drag the whole folder to the same location, and I can see from iSilo that all the files are there but when I click them they are all unreadable codes.

    Can someone teach me how to use it?

    Thanks a lot
    2008-08-30 06:37 AM
  2. pnmd's Avatar

    You're Winscp'ing into the wrong folder. Above is the correct folder. 716XXXX is the number for my iSilo folder. You'll have to click each folder in Applications to find your iSilo folder.
    2008-08-31 03:37 PM