1. Pyrofer's Avatar
    Hi, Due to legal issues I have been asked to remove Rockfall from the AppStore.
    You can read a full post about it on my blog at www.pyrofersprojects.com

    If you want to get it, Rockfall should be available for the next week, after that it will be disapearing.

    Im very sorry its come to this, I thought free markets and such were about fair competition but it seems some people dont agree.

    I have posted the final update introducing 2 new control methods, you can now play with tap/swipe OR tilt control. Three ways to control the game so that should keep everybody happy.

    Anyway, Its sad news for me but I promise im working on new games and will probably be releasing at the 59p or 1.19 price point.
    2008-09-02 11:34 AM
  2. heath_rox's Avatar
    sad damn the big corporations taking away our stuff first isaber then tris and now this!
    what has the world come to everyone wants money!
    "Its better to be a pirate than join the navy"Steve Jobs
    2008-09-02 01:42 PM