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    Safety-obsessed pyromaniacs and concert fans rejoice! EVT has put together a complete review of the iLightr Virtual Lighter, a realistic (and safe) alternative to traditional lighters. While we don't see this eating into Zippo's profits any time soon, it could become more useful as more concert venues discourage waving lighters around.


    * You can open the cap with your finger or use the accelerometer.
    * You light it like a lighter - Flick the twister part...
    * Flame is accelerometer based and you can interact with it by touch. In my opinion, it needs to be of better quality and faster when lit.
    * Close the lighter by jolting your iphone to the right.
    * Colours are Pink, Blue and Silver.

    It is a very good app for the price, and the frame rate recently got updated so more reason to buy it. Can't wait for future update

    I have had no problems with this application and it runs very smooth, it also has a little video at the start up of the app that can be turned off in settings. You can also change the colour of the case in settings mode, more colours will be coming as said by the creator.

    This application is so fun with fully interactive features and is awesome to show it off to your friends, if you like lighter applications I recommend buying this one because it is the best one out there.

    Rating: 10/10 for amazing interactive capabilities and highly enjoyable flicking, titling and rolling! Get it on iTunes.
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