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    Here is a link of my Source!
    iTunes Misleading Price on Applications in AppStore

    I personally, have not seen this, but so far some users have.
    and it can because the change from lower to higher prices can cause this mix-up

    some users , such as "fireglo" said -
    OMFG! I just took these two screenshots on my iPod Touch. Look at the ‘Wine Pad’ App at first while browsing. iTunes App Store claims it’s free but when you click into it, it states “€3.99!” I nearly downloaded it by mistake.

    This is misleading and although probably human error it needs to be eradicated just as quick as it appeared. I refuse to give Apple any more money this year, and if they misled me like in this instance and I had purchased it, **** would have hit the fan.

    Always make sure that your App is free and the price stated on the second screen where it gives you more information and allows you to download. Some apps are quite expensive and they would definitely not want to be making mistakes in pricing when purchasing.

    Check It Out. I know €3.99 ain't much but when some apps are €99, it leaves no room for error.

    There again, i haven't seen this, but it can happen so WATCH WHAT YOU DOWNLOAD...!
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