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  1. nas7000's Avatar
    So I been looking for an answer on MMI for a while.

    I just recently Pwned my 2.02 8G first gen IPhone.
    It is jailbroken with installer and Cydia, but none of my app store apps work, is me not being an AT&T customer the problem? My apps just crash back to home after a couple seconds...

    Thx for your help guys!
    2008-09-06 11:23 PM
  2. waldog's Avatar
    Did you do a restore from backup after pwning? Try to delete the apps and re download them to the iphone. That's what I had to do. I have the exact same iphone as you. On a non AT&T carrier too.
    2008-09-06 11:37 PM
  3. seattle7's Avatar
    this same thing happened to me, and i dont know if this fix will work for you but what i did was restored my phone and installed all the apps from cydia that i wanted installed, then i power cycled my phone, then i synced all my app store apps back on and the ones that didnt work i downloaded them from the app store again then power cycled my phone again, after downloading new apps i always power cycle and havent had a problem since, this is after going through many restores..hope this helps on tmobile and running 2.0.1 but this still might help
    2008-09-06 11:37 PM
  4. nas7000's Avatar
    Thx for the reply guys,

    Im on T-mobile as well I thought that was the issue but I restored 3 times and no go Im going to re-synch in a minute. 2.02 works with apps like sportastic right?

    Ok figured it out,

    turns out you need to go to Itunes, store menu, and click on authorize this computer, then allow the applications to sync with the phone. That did it for me, now all my apps work and I dont have to restart ever..No restores!!
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    2008-09-07 02:06 AM
  5. seattle7's Avatar
    you must have had a different problem than me, mine was freezing up
    2008-09-07 12:54 PM
  6. solarseed's Avatar
    di dyou set it up as a new phone in itunes? dont restore frmo backup.. set up as new phone cpompletely clean then let it synch your contacts back in
    2008-09-07 03:31 PM