1. takui's Avatar
    Hello all, I've got this problem this morning, and I'm going crazy about it...

    I've tryed to update 2 apps, Hanoi and Parlingo, but wasn't possible cuz some connection problem, so i've press Ok, and wait to do it through itunes at home. All goes ok, but on the iphone now I don't have these apps's icons, but 2 blank ones (gray color) that I cannot access nor delete. I've tryed to delete them through itunes and resynch, (deleting hanoi and parlingo), nothing. I've tryed to redownload these apps and resynch, nothing. To remove the folders from var/mobile/applications, nothing, still there. So know I can't use parling nor hanoi, plus I've those annoying icon that I cannot delete at all. Hope someone can help me, or I'll throw the phone through the windows
    2008-09-09 01:14 PM