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    So just incase you missed it, there is an MMS app on the iPhone. Its called flutter. For a while it wasn't working and it wasn't also on the App Store. Well I got a text from them saying everything was working as it should. So I went to the App store, got the app and now its working.

    Just wondering what you guys think. So far its no so good, I guess I've send a MMS to someone but I'm not sure how it looks or if it even went through.

    I had someone try to send me an MMS but again got nothing that said that I had one. Maybe its just taking a while.

    Anyone have any input?
    2008-09-15 09:46 PM
  2. PhantomPhoenix's Avatar
    I tried it too, just got it working today after the text.

    Essentially, it sends a message along the lines of "John Doe has sent you an iPhone picture message, go to [web address] to see it."

    Also, it's really slow and crashes a lot.
    2008-09-15 09:52 PM
  3. nickarodriguez's Avatar
    It hasn't crashed for me, but thats not cool that it sends a message like that.

    Have you had someone send you an MMS at all?
    2008-09-15 10:14 PM
  4. JazJon's Avatar
    They posted this on the front page last week.

    The review of 1.0 is aweful. For me I cant even add a contact. Since I have over 1000 contacts it takes forever for me to scroll through the whole list. By the time I get to the M's flutter crashes and closes. I just got an email though that says 1.1 is in the works.


    Hello Folks:

    I'm Lex and I lead the Flutter app team here at JuiceCaster. First of all, a big thank you for downloading the app! We hope you enjoy Flutter. Some of you may have experienced 'issues' with Flutter over the weekend. We are very sorry this happened. I want to explain what we've done about these issues:

    1. The website for Flutter, the FAQs and support links are now up and running at: Flutter - iPhone Picture Messaging by JuiceCaster

    2. If you are in North America and did not get your password, we were having a problem with our SMS provider. Everything's fixed now. On your iPhone, launch Flutter and try the "Resend Password" option. This should do the trick.

    3. If you are outside North America (in EU, Australia, Asia, etc.) and you didn't get your password, please remember to sign up with international dial code e.g. +44. Once you do that, please try the "Resend Password" trick.

    4. Some of you have commented on the thumbnail picture quality on the receiving phone. This one is tough because we have to optimize for hundreds of different phone makes and models. We are working on some ideas to improve this. Stay tuned.

    5. Some of you have said that the location information is sometimes a bit off. We have noticed this as well and are working on it now.

    6. Flutter doesn't send 'true MMS'? There was a fair bit of confusion around this and the early reviews reflect this. Here's why we think our way of sending picture messages is better (tell us if you disagree!): flutter: iPhone MMS ... kind of

    We're cranking away on these things. In the meantime, enjoy Flutter 1.0. Your input really counts. We are using it to make Flutter version 1.1 now.


    The Flutter Team

    At least they are trying to improve it right away so that's good
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    2008-09-16 02:33 AM
  5. nickarodriguez's Avatar
    I acutally had a conversation with someone from the flutter team over twitter about the app. They know that people want real MMS. Issue number one is that Apple may not let them. They are shooting for sending a real MMS to a phone in the 1.1 release (if apple okays it)

    He also said that there will most likely not be an inbox or any way to recieve a MMS on the iPhone with flutter in the next 1.1 release. But if they get enough people asking for it they will do it.

    So go ask people!!
    2008-09-17 02:41 AM