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    OmniTuner 1.35 is out--this version has the ability to download custom tunings off the Internet.

    And so I'm attempting here to see if it's possible to use the forum as a place to download these tunings on the iPhone. I don't believe it's currently possible here because this site requires a log on to access attached files, but I think with some other site you will be able to upload your custom tuning so that others may download it.

    The way it works is this: create a text file like the Ukulele tuning one that's attached, except with your custom tuning data. Upload it somewhere, and link to it. But instead of "http:", use "omnituner:". That way, when an iPhone with OmniTuner installed clicks on the link, OmniTuner will automatically download the linked tuning.

    You can also post links to the tunings like this one:
    <a href="omnituner://www.mauvilasoftware.com/iphone/omnituner/tunings/uked6tuning.txt">Ukulele: D6 tuning</a>

    Let me know if anyone is having problems with this...
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