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    How is this coming along?
    2008-10-10 11:03 AM
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    How is this coming along?
    At the moment I have hit a wall, having troubles with writing the code, put a few treads on various forums for help from a willing Dev (paid f course) to lend a hand but no takers.

    Spoken to a couple of companies & they will do it for between $AU9-12K.
    A little bit to steep, will going to invest in Erica's book & hopefully that can shed a bit more light & I can get my head around it & have it out in the near future.

    wow an Australian app thank god theres one now, ive had enough of Aus not being supported
    Cheers for the support mate, i know where your coming from!

    **Great job on B/berry Impression BTW.
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    2008-10-10 11:59 AM
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