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    I updated to the new firmware 2.1 when it came out. I installed some free apps from the appstore and they were working fine. Just last week, for some reason they aren't working anymore. Everytime I try to use one, it loads and then takes me back to the Home screen.

    I thought this was just me, so I asked a coworker that has firmware 2.0 installed and when he tried using his apps, they wouldn't work.

    i am starting to think that they have been disabled. Im on T-zones using epc.tmobile.com and his is under full internet plan using wap.voicestream.com and we both are 2g iphones.

    I've been trying to find any threads that have the same issue, but haven't come accross one, so I decided to start one and ask.

    Anybody having the same issue? I don't want to reinstall 2.1 yet, but if I have to, then I will.
    2008-10-01 02:34 AM