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    Funky Punch is a highly addictive fighting game. It has tremendous graphics and really fun gameplay. They based a sort of Hip-Hop feel and theme with the sound effects and music. It uses a 360 degree style fighting arena. Just as the "Person vs CPU" fighting games available on consoles and arcades for years. The game is geared for all ages, and is more of a cartoon/animation based game as opposed to the more violent and gory fighting games we see today.(which I like, but this does the job) The action is very fast and runs very well. The transluscent buttons similar to the console emulators are very responsive and become sub-concious very quickly.

    There are several game modes in which you can play. You have the traditional option of going through "Quest" mode, each round getting a bit harder and with a variety of opponents and characters. Usually each round has a different landscape & backround and the visuals are very good. You can also earn different Martial Arts Belts when you complete game modes and rounds with your characters.

    You can choose from 1 of 12 characters, each with a different special skill as well as set of actions/moves. Again, geared towards all ages, the button combinations are the same for all characters. Each character simply has their own unique action in result of those buttons. During gameplay simply hit pause and a menu pops up with the button combinations for special moves and tricks.

    I really recommend this game to anyone who enjoys this genre. It really is a very neat game, and was put together very very well. The pricetag, I believe is justified at $4.99 but thats for you to judge. At one point this game was available in a "Lite" version that contained the choice of 3 characters and limited game modes. The upside to it was the price, Free.
    To my suprise, the battery life held up pretty good on my 1st gen. I played for a better part of an hour and not much loss at all.

    My Rating:
    Graphics : ****
    Gameplay/Functionality: ****
    Price: *** ($4.99)
    Ages: All
    Difficulty: Easy as you want it all the way to Harder than you can take.
    Overall: 4 out of 5 Stars

    As you can see I was losing in every screenshot, the gameplay is so fast its kind of hard to get good screen shots. What can I say, Im taking one for the team
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