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    I don't see anyone talking about this anywhere. How could you not be? This app store app has been out a good while, but nothing comes up in search here.

    It is classified as a file browser, but it is never mentioned anywhere it is an application launcher! Surf safari right from the browser and back up then launch something else, console terminal, network manager, downloads manager, read PDF's, SSH file transfer support, FTP, The list never ends!

    I think they dumbed down the description to keep Apple from catching on how awesome this app really is!

    iStorage does it all, check these screen shots.......

    *pics courtesy of the app store
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    2008-10-13 03:55 AM
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    gonna go check this out now
    2008-10-13 04:10 AM
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    Well, I'd skip checking it out in the app store. The idiots reviewing it are asking the questions "What does it do?" and rating it one star, two star, etc....

    They are the same dumbazzes going "the support pages aren't in english on the website"

    If you don't know how to SSH or FTP... for the love of god don't buy the dang app. Morons are ruining this guys app and it is a monster when you understand what to do with it.
    2008-10-13 04:24 AM