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    - iScores™ v2.0 - Livescore Application for Apple's iPhone & iPod (software update 2.1)

    After two intensive months of development, we are pleased to announce that our long awaited iScores application
    is ready to hit Apple's App Store.
    iScores is a small and handy application that provides you with live results from a range of different sports,
    tournaments and leagues from all around the world.
    In this edition of iScores, you will be able to browse seven different sports including soccer, tennis, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, american football and formula 1.

    The most important and ground breaking new feature in this version of iScores is the bookmark view.
    This new functionality gives you the opportunity to customize your own sport result view.
    This enables you not only to easily keep track of your favorite team, but it also makes it possible to watch live scores
    from multiple sports at the same time.
    The bookmarks are automatically saved when you exit iScores.

    iScores is available on selected App Store's world wide. The price tag is set to $4.99, under ¢0.75 for each sport!

    - Released on 19 Oct 2008

    - Features:

    1. Livescore for 7 different sports.
    2. Choose between 30 sec, 1 min and 5 minute updates.
    3. Leagues, tournaments and cups from all around the world.
    4. Bookmark matches and easily keep track of your favorite team.
    5. Watch live results from multiple sports simultaneously by using the new bookmark functionality.
    6. Notification system that alerts with sound, icon badge and/or vibration if scores on a bookmarked match changes.
    7. Search functionality to easily locate and bookmark your favorite teams or athletes.

    - Sports available:
    Soccer - Tennis - Basetball - Ice Hockey - Basketball - Football (NFL) - Formula 1

    - Languages:

    - Requirements:
    Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
    Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update.

    - Instructions:
    1. Click here to download iScores™ from iTunes.

    For more details and history visit ScoresPro.com.

    2008-10-20 10:19 PM