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    Well its been a couple of months now and the appstore has woo'ed and wow'ed us, some of us are sitting there where an iphone/iTouch full of paid apps that we are happy about, some sit there grinning as all their apps are free and dont see the need to spend a dime, and some out there are glum because every time the app store and their credit card meet, they get shafted with some pathetic glitchy waste of $5.99 Application. So i thought i would spread some of my advice, feel free to add your own, in no way is this guide absolute, official or definitive, just my prospectus.

    Lets start with games in the appstore, these are traditionally the most expensive and media glorified apps you will find but price doesn't always reflect quality in fact a lot of the games i enjoy the most cost me under $5(NZD). The reason being apple wants the iphone to be in the same league as the PSP and DS, but i aint guna happen. The iphone hasn't made a big enough splash and producers like EA and Sega aren't putting out enough flashy unique games so they are loosing their grip and are likely to drop out the market. For example i bought spore ($26.00NZD) it was probably the most boring and repetitive game on the market. i Also purchased monkey ball but by then i was beginning to loathe games that used the accelerometer and once the difficulty curve got too much i deleted it. Next on my credit cards bill was Asphalt Gt now while it utilized the iphone to the max the graphics where plain, it was too easy, and by this point i vowed not to use any game reliant on a bloody accelerometer. With that in mind came the games i enjoyed and all of them where cheap 1)aurora Feint 2)fieldrunners 3)Diner Dash 4)Toy bot diaries ( i know it uses the accelerometer but it uses it well) 5)solitaire 6)sudoku 7)tap tap revenge 8)lux touch 9)blue skies 10)astro tilt ( disabled the accelerometer in favor for touch controls) The iphone will never be the top of gaming so please do not waste your money on the supposedly high end games as they will disappoint. Cheap and easy is how it should be.

    Ebook Readers
    Me and my father like our ebooks, it means that on the hour long train ride we take every morning we have something to do and we dont have to drag along extra weight. Depending on what your into will depend on the app you will want to get. If you have a fictionwise account then you dont need to spend anything download a program called eReader, From there you can download the books directly from your online bookshelf, just enter your login and bam your their and you can even save them fro offline use. Also for fictionwise users is a program called libris, you do have to pay for it but it has more features than ereader, but i would just stick with ereader as it offers what you need. IF you are a Baen user then your going to have to splash out. BUt i splashed out and its worth it, it has an extensive library for you to buy from and you can add other sources to download from. it also gives the user the ability to auto scroll, change font and my dads favorite landscape viewing. But neither the two above me solve the problem of getting your own separately purchased/written ebooks from the computer to your iphone. For that problem i recommend Stanza, its brilliant and uses the bonjour connection to transfer books from the desktop application to your ipod.

    Basically there are several apps you should consider buying, The best thing is to look for what you need and do a search in the appstore, always read reviews and before spending any money on anything in the appstore that is more that $10, google for reviews.

    Firstly my favourite, WeDict, learn to use it, learn to love it. It is a brilliant definition tool I use it all the time at university and its better than lugging around a bloody oxford not-so-bloody-concise not-so-pocket-either dictionary. Best of all it is free

    Secondly, Ipedia, simply put itís a Wikipedia gateway. And yes I know about the other 65,000 Wikipedia apps on the bloody store (for Christ sakes ever heard of market research???) but the thing that makes this the best is due to its save feature, oh how I longed to be able to save the article so I could pull it up late when I was not in wireless range especially when doing my homework on the train home. Second best thing, its by the people who made Wikipedia and so they have coded it well.

    The third recommendation is the program spreadsheet, but I only recommend buying it if you use spreadsheets all the time, and I mean all the time because at nearly 11 NZD. But it has so many features and still has more potential. You can create, edit, import and email your spreadsheets (XML format). You can also use many of the mathematical equations present in excel. Its very concise and easy to use but at $10.99 you better use it a lot rather than using it every now and again. All im waiting for Is a whole Microsoft office-like suite for the iphone.


    For the basic instant messaging I recommend Palringo, I love it , all it requires is for you to sign up at their site and you can have all of your IM logins in one place. It logs in fast, uses emoticons, has a few skins, auto log in, status and name change options and has a re-log in feature that if you accidently exit it keeps you logged in, the background for a small time. Best of all its free.

    For a little more detail and options choose fring, it supports all that Palringo does and has the ability to support skype over wifi so itís perfect for iphone users. Its free and support all major IM types.

    Beejive is the communications hub of applications. It supports all major IM (not skype) and is integrated into the push email services very in depth and detailed program. It has tonnes of options for talking to people and has a very detailed buddy system. Includes all the basics like status, Unicode, msn, chat history etc.
    Only downside is its price but many people report that its worth it.


    Basically the standard iphone weather app will suffice but if you want to know more details I suggest not spending any money on any weather apps. WHY, well basically anything you want to know can be found via Google very quickly and so therefore spending money on an application is stupid. Some applications I would recommend include the free Tide apps and snow apps as they will be helpful but there is nothing fancy or worth it in the weather section of the appstore.

    Ill leave that guide for the time and being feel free to add your own review of a section or app, have nice day

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