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    Updated to 1.1 and it opens, but when I go to browse it just crashes when searching.

    If you experience this, here's the fix from the dev's website: http://forums.msimplicity.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=20
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    2008-10-22 05:36 AM
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    The developer says they will be fixing the problem in the 1.3 update. It will not be in the 1.2 update.

    I only have the crashing problem so far when using the Personals section. When I get the "Warning and Disclaimer" page and click OK, then the app crashes. I discovered if I wait until I get some search results behind the "Warning and Disclaimer" page, and then hit OK, it does not crash. Only seems to crash when there are 0 results behind the warning screen.
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